Prof. Anthony Moore
Sound artist and principal of The Academy of Arts and the Media Cologne

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Anthony Moore: born 1948.

Having studied Indian classical music with Viram Jasani in 1969, he composed his first movie soundtrack for David Larcher's "Mare's Tale". It involved extensive use of magnetic tape (time/pitch shifts, layering, splicing, loops, feedback). Since then he has created a number of soundtracks for European, independent movies, many of which have won international awards.

In 1970 he moved to Hamburg where Polygram recorded three albums of his work, "Pieces from the Cloudland Ballroom", "Secrets of the Blue Bag" and "Reed, Whistle & Sticks", for voices, strings, woodwind and percussion. In 1972 he formed the band Slapp Happy with Dagmar Krause and Peter Blegvad.

From 1973 he worked in different European locations as a freelance composer, writing songs, film scores and experimenting with sound. He collaborated with Pink Floyd on two of their albums and worked as a record producer in studios both in America and the U.K. In 1991 he composed a one-hour television opera, "Camera", commissioned and broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK.

In September 1996 he was appointed professor and chair for research into sound and music in the context of new media at the Academy of Arts and the Media Cologne where he works on the theory and history of sound. Besides teaching he continues making music and installations.

From 2000 - 2004 Anthony Moore was the principal of the Academy of Media Arts

Selected Performances and ‘Expanded’ Lectures:

18/09/96 - "Death Rattle and Roll", poetry performance at Digitale Cologne.

31/05/97 - "Exploratory Digs at the Site of the KHM" with Siegfried Zielinski at WDR Music Triennale, Cologne.

24/09/97 - "Ganz Ohr" Kassel, expanded lecture with Peter Kiefer.

17/11/97 - "Creativity & Cooking" with Siegfried Zielinski at the Focal symposium in Switzerland.

28/01/98 - "per->SON 1" Oliveros/Uitti/Vitiello/Scanner - organisation of four-day international concert series with Peter Kiefer.

07/05/98 - "Umzug ins Offene" expanded lecture with Siegfried Zielinski in Hamburg.

14/06/98 - "ANY" conference in Ankara, Turkey, with Live Mix composition to Angela Melitopoulos film in Ankara and Istanbul.

23/09/98 - "A Plain Crossed by 2 Roads", installation with Jasper Morrison in London.

29/01/99 - "per->SON 2" John Berger / Viljakainen / Tibbels / Lentz / Namtchylak & Kowald / Cardew. organisation with Peter Kiefer, international concert series on "The Voice".

06/05/99 - "IDYB" Berlin installation with designer, Jasper Morrison.

01/07/99 - "Perspectives" , Budapest trialogue, 'A Consideration of Intervals' with Dietmar Kamper & Siegfried Zielinski. Organised by Miklos Peternak with guests Otto Roessler, Friedrich Kittler, Peter Weibel.

11/10/99 - "Kepler to Bacon" in Weimar with Friedrich Kittler.

05/11/99 - "Full Play" Amsterdam performance of composition for dancer and interactive sound & video.

06/12/99 - "Acoustic Cells & Membranes", Tuebingen with Otto Roessler.

16/12/99 - "Flusser in Bochum" spatialised sound piece and talk at Bochum University.

13/04/00 - "On The Voice" London School of Sound, expanded lecture with Siegfried Zielinski.

09/05/00 - "Slapp Happy" three-week tour of Japan.

20/06/00 - "Moving Sounds". A commission from WDR Studio Akustiche Kunst.

29/06/00 - "Piranesi" installation with Hans Ulrich Reck, Kunsthalle Bonn.

16/09/00 - "Reading Room" Installation with Jasper Morrison at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen

24/09/00 - "Moving Sounds" Ars Acoustica presentation at the Dolby Studios, San Francisco.

16/11/00 - "Trialogue" with Zielinski & Dietmar Kamper in Potsdam Einstein Forum.

17/09/01 - "Moving Sounds" performance in Kyoto, Japan.

02/11/01 - "Techno-visions" Steirische Herbst, Austria: Graz at the Medienturm symposium with Peter Weibel.

19/04/02 - per->SON 3 & chairing the symposium "Tuning & Measurement" Cariani, Diebner, Dombois, Euler, Kittler, Krausse, Otto Roessler

29/07/02 - "Georgia" soundtrack for film made by Stephanie Thiersch produced by Arte T.V.

26/09/02 - "Full Play", eight performances in the festival Art Numerique, La Villette, Paris with the group LMS*.

15/12/02 - "4-Frequency Icosahedron Class 1 Method 1" Buckminster Fuller finissage at the Museum for Applied Arts Cologne with the group LMS*.

20/03/03 - "Membranes in Space & the Transmitting Ear" at Goldsmiths London.

11/05/03 - "Continuity Illusions" with the group LMS* at the Witten Festival commissioned by WDR.

20/06/04 - "Cybersonica" London, expanded lecture at the festival with Thom Kubli & Sven Mann

25/04/04 - "Fadenkreuz", music composed for T.V. drama documentary for WDR.

* LMS are Joerg Lindenmaier, Anthony Moore & Peter Simon

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